Surely Coronavirus will not be able to end mankind. We will survive. Our children will live.


In the last five hundred million years, the earth has been destroyed five times!

The most widespread of these apocalypses took place some 25.2 million years ago, which is called The Great Dying. In this, 96 percent of the life on earth was finished and all the forests were destroyed. Scientists say, The Great Dying had since re-set the Earth’s clock by taking it to a 300 million year old calendar.

The latest of the five and the most exciting for science-fiction was the catastrophe some 66 million years ago. This was the only such holocaust, which was caused by an astronomical body hitting the earth. This was the end of dinosaurs from the earth. Great and frightening creatures have rarely been found before and after Earth. He was the king of the earth. Used to get drunk here. He felt that he would stay here for eternity and could never challenge his supremacy.

And then, six and a half million years ago, on one such day, the sky was filled with sparks. A body of seven and a half kilometers fell like a bomb in the Gulf of Mexico, and as someone has said in memorable words, the earth rose like a bell of bronze. A tsunami occurred, sulfur filled the atmosphere, forests burned. The giant dinosaurs dissipated like steam. They left traces of skeletons and fossils behind them, so that the incoming breeds could inspect them and be spoiled.

The first of these five doomsday occurred 44.4 million years ago. But even before this, there was a great disaster, which is called The Great Oxidation Event. It took place 2.4 billion years ago. Then there was the rule of bacteria called cyano on earth. They emitted oxygen by consuming carbon through the process of oxygenic photosynthesis. Oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere is the product of these cyanobacteria. At that time, oxygen was unfavorable for the aerobic organisms of the earth. Oxygen became the cause of their great disaster, which is called Rusting of the Earth, that is, a life-threatening disaster!

It is surprising that the oxygen that is now called Pranavayu was poison. Or maybe it is still poison, but a slow poison. I heard a joke in which he was saying, oxygen is killing us slowly, the difference is that it takes seventy-eighty years to complete its work.

One dimension of the epic story of biological evolution on Earth is that the creatures that emerged after The Great Oxidation event could only live on oxygen. The way of life is eternal in the universe. She keeps running this life of life through such adaptations. The making is the same, the spoil is also the same and no construction or destruction here is final.

Scientists say, the sixth holocaust is not far away. Or maybe she has already started. These incidents of apocalypse do not happen in a day or two. Take The Great Dyeing, in which the apocalypse went on for 60 thousand years. Our earth is four and a half billion years old. It has witnessed hundreds of folklore in the rise and fall of biodiversity. For this, no more than a few thousand years of blinking.

There are various theories about how humans, which have been on this earth for 25 million years, will end. After Stephen Hawking’s death, his last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, was published. There is a chapter title in this – Will the human race succeed in maintaining its existence on earth? Of course, I can see the smiling face of Stephen behind this title. There is no doubt that humans will end from the earth, the question is when will it happen and how will it happen?

Stephen was a very opinionated person. His interest was in Futuristic Predictions. Being a popular science storyteller, he pointed to the dangers of climate change and did not rule out the challenges of aliens and artificial intelligence. He does not talk about epidemics in his essay, whereas diseases have killed so many people in the history of humanity, as no other calamity has taken – not even World Wars. Epidemics have been comparatively underestimated, but have repeatedly presented themselves in the history of humanity as a real danger.

When we go back and see this great theater – even before four and a half billion years of history of the earth, thirteen and a half billion pre-eminently predicts the birth of energy and matter and listen to the echo of the Big Bang with an ear in space , Knowingly or unknowingly we are preparing ourselves for godliness. Jeez had said on the cross, what is your wish, what is in it? Our situation is also the same. Nobody wants to die, but we will always stay here, we do not even have the right to wish.

Surely Coronavirus will not be able to end mankind. We will survive. Our children will live. But one of our saints must one day see the last fireworks of his last day on this earth with his own eyes, just as the Witnesses of the previous cataclysms and cataclysms had seen and experienced. We must pass on the inheritance to our children, that we are here, but there is no value to our will, we are an insignificant creature of this great earth. Let us live here easily, live in self-respect, and leave our sheets at least dirty after leaving here – even the resolution of the emergence of more than this is not in our end.

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