They were thinking of the same mysterious immune system, the nature of which scientific information was later executed.

Immune system

The immune system of man is also the same marvel. He is well taken care of by his weft. When an external element enters the body, it becomes suspicious. He has to run to destroy it. Many types of information remain encoded within all the biological structures of the universe, but the most basic information (cheat code?) Is the same – protect yourself, and keep expanding your family. Due to this, viruses also enter our body. Our resistance system conflicts with them. We help him in fighting this battle, just as Hanuman was reminded of his strength. Vaccination is the name of our country to make the immune system realize its power!

When humans made computers, they mimicked the procedures contained in their bodies, in which biological information is codified. So we see that the computer is working well. Then we insert a pen drive into the USB gateway and suddenly the antivirus present in the computer becomes alert. Beware, a foreign entity is noticed! If the pen drive contains malware, it blocks the entry of data contained in it. Scan first – he says – only then we will access the data. We get a delay in agreeing that the antivirus is activated. He manages to remove the malware. Only then you can do your work seamlessly.

The anti-virus in the computer is the immune system in the human body. It protects us from diseases. We do not know about it, because the body’s work is to keep oneself forgotten. We remember the body only in disease. Grief is only awakening. Happiness is forgotten. Viruses may have been discovered in the 1890s, but they have existed since ages. When man saw them under the microscope with his own eye, long before he anticipated their existence. The virus could not survive outside a living organism. For his reproduction he used to try his best to get into your tissues somehow. It is a paradox that we can die from the infection of the virus, while the virus does not want to kill us. Why would he want to lose his home, his shelter living organism? What will the horse eat if it enmies with the grass?

However, an article by Siddharth Mukherjee has been published in The New Yorker, which has a lot of discussion here. He is the same Siddharth Mukherjee, by whom he received the Pulitzer Prize on the book The Emperor of Meladies on Cancer. He then wrote a popular book on genetic structures. In the field of biology and medicine, his name is taken with respect and the world hears his words. The doctrines of vaccination may have been finalized by Louis Pasteur in the nineteenth century, but Siddhartha writes in his article that a sect of Yayawar Brahmins of the Ganges’s Doab had invented the vaccine only two and a half hundred years ago!

At that time smallpox was a major epidemic. But it used to be seen that once someone who gets chicken pox and saves his life, then he never has chicken pox again. It was thought that, after experiencing a disease, there would be such a reaction in the body of the patient, which would prepare him for it from the beginning. They were thinking of the same mysterious immune system, the nature of which scientific information was later executed.

How did those Brahmins of Ganga Doab use the Yayavar vaccine? He used to take pus from a smallpox patient and scrape the skin of a healthy person and get him into it. Used to tie the belt from above. The person got infected with the disease and took hold of the bed, but soon he would recover from it and never again suffer him from this disease. There were two basic principles of this vaccination – one, if a virus is introduced into the body of a limited number of people, it will not have a fatal disease, only short-term symptoms will emerge. And two, but in the same process, the immune system within the body — a large intelligent system that processes information — becomes active, and identifies that virus. In order to ensure that she does not harm the body, she makes strong fortifications within herself.

Between human immune system and viruses, you play this game of duality, I have been running for a long time. Here, due to antibiotic, there is a beating of superbugs. Here the immune system develops immunity against viruses, while viruses find new ways to break into it. It is like a programming. All biological structures in the biological world are similarly designed to survive at any cost. But while humans have quenched the viruses of smallpox, polio, measles, and have developed a herd of immunity over time, developing herd-immunity, the novel coronavirus is a new challenge.

This new-fledged virus is highly infectious, but it is not so deadly that it takes the life of every human being in contact. Its firepower is estimated at 3.4 percent. Today, the disease-resistant system of man is fighting all over the world, and this battle is expressed through fever and heat. We help him from outside (it is called acquired immune system in the language of science), a vaccine is also being sought for this. A virus like this unbridled horse will be completely controlled only then.

In this unforeseen battle with Corona, humans have thought of two plans. Plan-A ie Defensive Plan – Avoid virus as much as possible. Plan-B – This is also a defensive plan but hopefully – if we get infected, then trust our immune system. We are not able to help him from outside now. The acquired system cannot yet be implemented. INNet is very strong on immunity.

Just think – during the happy days when we were blazing cigarettes, burning our lungs, drinking liquor, expanding our liver, eating junkfood with joy, diabetics were consuming sugar-drinks, and protein. I was eating red-meat from unethical and unhealthy factory-making in lust – how many of us thought that by doing so we could sabotage that capital of our immune system Hey, who is going to prove to be our only weapon in the fight to save lives after encountering a new virus?


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