When Madhavrao Scindia was contesting against Atalji, he appealed to the people of Gwalior from the platform of Atalji, “You have the shame of the Scindia family.” And Atalji lost the election badly. However, after the death of Rajmata

# Scindia: cycle of history

Jyotiraditya Scindia has joined the BJP more than Congressmen when he joined BJP. The grassroots activist speaks at the behest of the high command, Zindabad or Murdabad, but the mental hue in the BJP’s camp about Scindia on social media is worth seeing.

Here first come the puritanists who want to see the BJP following the ideals. Now such people are walking on a blind or blind eye, I do not know because they want to idealize an individual group like a person, which is impossible because a person group or organization has all kinds of people but is important. Leadership and its ideology. Such people have become rudely by associating with Congressmen that Scindia family is a traitor and therefore not fit for BJP and many great personalities take Mahadji Scindia in the same wrap.

But the truth is that Mahadji Scindia, the actual founder of the Scindia dynasty attained ascendancy from the Ranoji of the ‘Gadkari’ family according to the so-called mythological concept of ‘Sendrak Kshatriya dynasty’, a ‘Kurmi’ according to Maratha sources and the Scindia royal family itself. Were the ones against whom if Nana Fadnavis had not hatched a conspiracy and had not died a suspicious death, then the British in India Ta could not have been established.

His adopted successor Daulatrao and then his successor did not prove to be so worthy, so after the Second Anglo-Maratha War, he could never recover after a helpful treaty with the British.

However, those who consider folklore as history, will be surprised to know that the betrayal of Scindia in 1857 is just such a folk debate, beyond which the facts of history are unfortunately neutralized. Scandal of Scindia’s traitor was set up by two lines of two persons, just as ‘Dhobi’ was the reason for Sita’s renunciation and Draupadi’s bitter words for the Mahabharata were blamed when these incidents did not happen in this way. .

These two lines were that of British Governor General Canning and Poetess Subhadra Kumari Chauhan –

“If Scindia joins revolt today, I’ll pack up tomorrow.” – Lord Canning

“The British friend Scindia had left the capital.” – Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

But the real fact is that Jayajirao Scindia was not the first real ruler at the time of the Revolt of 1857, the actual ruler was ‘Sir Dinkar Rao’ who was the regent Diwan and the British puppet. Hearing the news of the arrival of rebel soldiers, he fled to Agra Cantt with a puppet king. The princely leadership of the princely state and the Kinkartavvimuddha army neither tried to stop the rebel soldiers and supported them.

After this incident, the traitor’s level was hit on the forehead of the Scindia family.

After this, the Scindia dynasty and dynasty came into the discussion when the purchase of pistol used in Gandhi’s murder was related to Gwalior.

After independence, the so-called progressive Nehru was known as a symbol of feudalism, hatred of the Kshatriyas, especially the princely states and the Congress of the princely states, especially Nehru. In such a situation, the majority of states became the seeds of ‘non-Congressism’. The princely state of Gwalior was also no exception to this. Jayamirao Scindia II, also known as Jivajirao, was the widow and Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia, one of the founding members of ‘Jana Sangh’ and later its new form ‘BJP’. He started promoting Rajput youth in politics, given the demography of his state and the powerful position of Rajputs in it. My maternal uncle Shri Brajkishore Singh Tomar from Tomarghar was also one of the youths whom Rajmata had declared her second son and sent the MP of Morena by car to make room for him in a helicopter. Young Rai Singh Bhadoria was also an influential leader. But due to the ‘special influence’ on the Rajmata of Maratha Sardar Sambhaji Rao Angre, not only did these young Turks keep distance from him, but also his own son Madhavrao Scindia broke his ties with him.

Such was the acrimony that Madhavrao Scindia subscribed to the Congress and that even Indira Gandhi’s tyranny over the Rajmata during the Emergency could not melt her.

But the mother is the mother. When Madhavrao Scindia was contesting against Atalji, he appealed to the people of Gwalior from the platform of Atalji, “You have the shame of the Scindia family.”
And Atalji lost the election badly.

However, after the death of Rajmata and Sardar Angre, there were speculations that the Scindia clan might return to the BJP, but the dastardly accident of Sadhu Singh Tomar, the influential Rajput leader of the Arjun Singh faction and a domineering figure of Robin Hood The assassination of Bahubali Tomar mobilized the Rajputs against Scindia and by then his strong counterpart in the BJP as Jaibhan Singh Powaiya Vandhi had also risen which almost defeated Madhavrao Scindia in the Lok Sabha elections on the basis of the changed caste equation of Gwalior if the then Collector was not Komal Singh and there was no electricity for an hour at the counting site. After this, Scindia stopped standing from Gwalior parliamentary constituency and turned to Guna-Shivpuri parliamentary constituency.

After this, Scindia was expelled from the Congress, formed the Madhya Pradesh Vikas Congress, then the Congress came back, but the long-standing aspiration of the Scindia dynasty to become the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh could not be fulfilled even when it was at the peak of its power due to close ties with Sonia Gandhi He died in a mysterious airplane crash. It is a strange coincidence that Scindia, who flew in Sanjay Gandhi’s crashed plane, escaped from that accident by landing ‘abruptly’ on time but he died of the same mysterious plane crash.

It is also a coincidence that an RSS volunteer who attended the funeral of a journalist who was killed along with Madhavrao Scindia in that accident, received orders from Prime Minister Atal ji to hold the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat at the crematorium itself. That unassuming volunteer is today as the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

However, Jyotiraditya was crowned as the ‘new Srimanta’ and the news of the return of the Scindia clan to the BJP began to pick up again as the old bitter generation had passed away. But now Madhya Pradesh BJP had a legacy of ‘Tomar-Shivraj’ pair in which Jyotiraditya could not see any scope for himself but after the defeat of Digvijay camp of BJP after the 2018 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, the way Scindia’s strong claim was ignored. Kar Kamal Nath was crowned at the behest of the Gandhi family and it became clear what his position in the Congress was. But he was in a dilemma about his position in the BJP that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, due to the ‘Modi tsunami’ and his high profile behavior, he lost the election to former activist KP Yadav on his own, so now his political existence in front of him His question arose and then he had to join BJP on the terms of Chanakya Amit Shah of politics.

Everything else is going on in front of you.

Recently it will be interesting to see three things.

1- Who will be the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?
2- According to tradition, the feudal Diggi king of Gwalior state come to perform ‘Mujra Salam’ as per tradition?
3- In the changed circumstances and the arrival of Sangh workers, Mughal royal traditions like ‘Parsi Salaam’ are closed in Jaiwilas Palace or not?

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