You will be satisfied to know that the title of a chapter in the use of truth in Gandhiji’s autobiography is Rajnistha

One of the many things that Corona virus has done is that it has also given us a new vision towards the relationship of people and system in democracy. Today there has been a direct dialogue between the government and the public. Qurbat has increased in Hakim and Awam. We have found the representatives of Tantra ready to help us. And this has happened when this governing system was being presented like Ganashatru and Vargashatru, it was being declared as enemy of the people. Those who tell like that are wise, who are sitting at home today, and far from making any constructive contribution to the society, even today, they are not deterred from doing negative things against the government.

It is not an old thing when the police were being portrayed as villains in the country. It has been only two or three months, when it was said that the police is very bad, the police is lathi, the police is guilty. The character of the police was decided by the capital. A police struggle with students emerged. Today, this police is serving the country by staying away from their families, making thousands of sacrifices, delivering milk and grains from house to house, patrolling and monitoring, public awareness work through constructive measures of all kinds. Still working. We used to call this police night and day. And for those who used to say, those agitators are invisible today! He did not even offer from his side that in this moment we want to work as volunteers in the service of the country! It was his responsibility for the country to demand free training, free houses, free bread. You can see, it is easy to get down on the road to rebel, it is difficult to get on the road to serve the public.

In these days, we found the creative talent of the police system, such as patience, restraint loyalty, it has brought us closer to them. Then what to talk about doctors? We used to defy the doctors by calling them robbers. Today these doctors are the generals posted on the front in this war. They are the essence for us today. Are no less than the deity. When this calamity comes to an end, the narratives of sacrifice, sacrifice and devotion of these health workers will be written in the golden letters.

There is a bond between the public and the government. The two cooperate each other. Carry out their respective responsibilities. The country is formed and runs with this mutualism. The public may have a thousand complaints with the government, but the public and the government should never consider each other their enemy. When that happens, the structure governing the country collapses. Our vision becomes prohibitive rather than creative. We begin to add matha to our own roots, disrupting our own progress.

This hour of calamity has made it clear to us that who are our heroes, who are useful to us in crisis, and who are we directly dealing with. We should not forget to recognize the intention and intention of those who try to break this reciprocity. People and government should not be misled by the third party in matters of mutual respect, this third party is not going to do anything for you. On the contrary, when he sees a mutual understanding between the government and the public, it is frustrated. How do you think he has problems with clapping and thali? No, his problem is that why is such a synergy between the government and the public? This puts his relevance at risk. The people of this class are chaotic, they get satisfaction only from the accidents. You should be careful with that.

You will be satisfied to know that the title of a chapter in the use of truth in Gandhiji’s autobiography is Rajnistha. The meaning of this dedication is that we do agitate against the government, we also demand justice from it, but we should not consider the government as our enemy and should never be deterred in performing our duties while being loyal to it. . Viplavi, who does not perform his duties, is in fact a messenger of anarchy. A revolutionary who does not have a long-term view of the good of the society, ultimately hurts the society.

In the pictures which have emerged from the present perspective, we should remember all these things by tying them knots. Today it is our duty to cooperate fully with the government in the interest of the country.

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