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They were thinking of the same mysterious immune system, the nature of which scientific information was later executed.

Immune system … The immune system of man is also the same marvel. He is well taken care of by his weft. When an external element enters the body, it becomes suspicious. He has to run to destroy it. Many

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Surely Coronavirus will not be able to end mankind. We will survive. Our children will live.

Holocaust … In the last five hundred million years, the earth has been destroyed five times! The most widespread of these apocalypses took place some 25.2 million years ago, which is called The Great Dying. In this, 96 percent of

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when this sun of the thirteenth april continues to sink, then I too will be included in your life’s most important place.

Anniversary … There has always been a dimension of self-pity in anniversaries. A shocking feeling. Why are everyone doing like this today – you start thinking in your mind – so many smiles, so many bouquets and concessions, so happy

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